Today, day of real indépendance for the Mali, enjoy :

As the ring bel I prononce this day, the great day where every body on earth can observe that we and the lovely people who live in Mali we reach the point after what all is possible even the truly peace for all our great country…

How it has been possible? With the incessant contribution of IBK and the great army of Mali’s Nation, there is a long time we made a dream and few people was informed about. Now our dream become a reality. There is few month I was informed that the great malien general wanted enough hélicoptère he need to perform the army with project to restore peace and tranquility as in the malien hart as for the people’s life who were in danger in the north of the country.

Of course I said of course : I am before every thing the president honors causa of Africa, I can’t let’s my people suffer any more. And good news malien general I’m also general without weapon, I mean general of all the army wich can exist on earth. It should be not difficult for me to convince the rest of the French generals it’s very important for the succeed of our mission that malien can join us with good hélicoptère in there équipement.

Result of the négociation, if the chef of French army doesn’t allowed me to sell the right number of attack helecoptere IBK desire, at the prise no négociable of 2.2 million of euro for each, I will give my resign of the French army and negociate with king Albert himself the father of Belgium, you know, I mean the country of witch it is the national day today.

So it’s the reason why I declare a national fest today in Mali, cause we can just succeed after a so long time of patience and silence. Today if the general, I mean the malien general doesn’t optain what he want. First thing France will loose my contribution, I mean my money contribution and I will give all my cash to people who need it and now a day I really think nobody else than lovely Belgian people.

French doesn’t want to understand : by, by. Already tomorrow they will lose the profit of the secret there is in my blood. Tomorrow I will give for free my blood in a Belgium center where all people who desire and who want it can contribute to the effort of the country’s medecine.

Good news, I am not only President Honoris Causa of Africa, Army’s General, Citizen of Earth my blood contain many solution for many diseases, for sure for the desease of this beginning of XXI century, I mean for  » Corona Virus ».

Let’s understand, I’m not nobody, tomorrow perhaps, today never dy… Cause I’m a malgach spy… Let’s talk about fest… Today is the day of The Fest… Enjoy every body, God is with us for us and for every body who cry in his existence… Today I don’t cry my enemy, I don’t know, even my enemy tomorrow could be my partner of tennis… And if the chef of French Army allowed me I promise a great money victory for the France.

{ notamment la fève de cac. ( largeur de l’assiette 300 + 700 milliard, l% là la société Général peut commencer à acheter 100 % des fèves de cacao produites en Afrique, sous cette assiette je mettrai le plat qu’il faut, sachant qu’il y aura 50 % de nos fèves revendues à la Belgique uniquement, et que la France se réservera les 50 autres pour cent, all other operation past being illegal and we can proudly prove it, si Ce dernier alinéa au contrat est respecté) = ben alors Présidents problem avec les  » Troudair » ben alors President c’est pas comme ça qu’on dit ?] tant pis, on verra demain…


Patrick Rakotoasitera

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