Run run run
Breath breath breath 

Strong America
Fine China
Gong Russian

When your woomen cry , I cry cry cry with the wind with the light in the night
When blood’s Bloggers shine , I imagine-gine- Lime

May I be the sky’s tender , I’m not the only dreamer singer
The only blood of (the) Sun
To run in the swing of your shoulders
For you you and you Great Sister’s Love of Liberty

We can’t surrender cause we dance days and nights
Arround our little Chinese Boy
Arround our lovely Palestinian Girl
Arround our jewish Sisters crying and dreaming for millions and millions days until the beginning of the divine Light

Other dance dance dance night and day
Run run run without Him , or may let it be a Dream
So don’t let’s you investigate by bad mannings

Woomen are the greatest move for us which are not ready to try to cry and fly against since the lost days , When Good Mother making invisible signs , growing up we have forgotten

Ooooh when you meet the fire in your Heart her only tragedy
Ooooh whenyou respect the flow of her soul
Ooooh when you respect woomen good Love you God love you
And I don’t hate you


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